eLockIn 203 - Lock-in Amplifier

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eLockIn 203

- digital quad-phase "DSP" Lock-In Amplifier -

The eLockIn203 can be used as spectrum analyser, as oscilloscope, as sinus generator or as measurement control system. It provides 8 A/D channels as external inputs and controls 8 D/A channels with 156 kHz update rate as external signal outputs. It can store 32 MByte data, provides modern network connection and USB connection.
Moreover, it acts as web server and all data are available over the internet.

The eLockIn203 lockin amplifier is "the little brother" of the eLockIn204. It has several parameters and features which are only found in these Anfatec instruments.
The most unique are:

  • input sampling rate of 40 MHz (fully digital design, 1 MHz bandwidth)
  • real quad-channel amplification in the full frequency range
  • 4 channel output data rate of 156 kHz
  • dual input/dual harmonic mode in the full frequency range
  • on-screen 4-channel spectra acquisition
  • web-interface for external communication

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